Oludele james final burial ceremony holds Saturday

Oludele James’s final burial ceremony begins today

A little part of our history
Brother Olu ‘ Oludele James’ – final burial journey begins today. Brother Olu, my uncle was the son of my grandaunty Mama Oyeladun, one of 3 daughters of Kolade and Iyangba.

Oludele James Faleye

Brother Olu’s mother was younger sister to Iya Inisha( Queen Oyedokun), Raji Ogbabu, and Pa Adedokun, to Mama Eleja (Okunlola), Iya Araro, and senior sister to Pa Alimi Aderibigbe.

Brother Olu is the grand son of Iyangba and Kolade.

Kolade is the brother of Adesina, the father of my great uncle Ismail Adebayo (Baba Oni Bread)

Kolade is grand father to both my great uncle Raji Jimoh Onikola, my Dad Raji Tiamiyu Adepoju, and many others.
Kolade and Adesina were the sons of FADERERA, who happened to be sister to Pa Kilanko, Pa Ibiyemi (Baba Ghana), and Pa Olawale (Baba Ghana) –
All these 4 are our GIANT root ancestors and grandchildren of ELEJIN ONIKOLA

An Urgent Call to Save the Life of Olawale Ademola

ATTENTION !!! ATTENTION !!! Good and kind people.
My name is Adekunle Raji.
I am posting this appeal on behalf of my younger brother Olawale Ademola, who has been fighting GI cancer and has been undergoing treatment since last year 2020.

Olawale is a humble, kind, and loving man who will go the extra mile for anyone.
He is courageously fighting with every fiber left in his body to beat the cancer. But he needs your financial help and spiritual support.
His wife and young children are fighting with him for his survival.

His treatment has taken a positive turn. He is been cared for at SPARK-VIEW Hospital in Lagos by Dr. Oshodi. He has successfully received 6 courses of chemo to shrink the tumor, followed immediately by surgery to remove the tumor.

However, according to his doctors, he urgently needs radiation treatment to kill the potentially malignant cells that may remain. The radiation must be followed by more chemo to complete the treatment. The experts said that this is a critical stage in the therapy regimen.

Unfortunately, treatment has stalled because we have run out of money.
Therefore, we urgently need your help to raise $15,000 in order to resume radiation treatment urgently. The radiation is to be followed by the remaining chemo, and medication. The radiation therapy will be given at the LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL (LUTH)

No amount is too little. Your kind donation is needed as much as your prayers for him and his family.
May God bless you and replenish your sources in multiple folds.

You can donate via his naira account and the links below:

Account Number: 0018435954
Bank: GTBank


Thank you
Adekunle Raji.


Seminar for children to learn about the future

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